classic transvision television kit, 1946-1948
For the earliest television home-brew hobbyists, Transvision was the DIY kit BEFORE Philco's launch of a pricey consumer TV receiver in 1947. Until the 1950's fewer than a million televisions were owned by Americans.
TV stations, experimental and commercial, were popping up all across America, in the postwar boom buoyed by telecommunication breakthroughs.
"Transvision" augmented reality pioneered by Sony heralded the AI explosion begun two decades ago. California's TRANSVISION INTERNATIONAL originates remote, live A/V satellite linkage, worldwide — Humanists rally at annual TransVision pow-wows all across Europe — Transvision Vamp rocked the UK scene in the late 80s & early 90s. — London Tube Station video billboards are branded the Transvision network. Even Optometrists are focussing on TRANSVISION as a brand synonymous with superb professional eye care.
Trethevy Quoit
Human beings transmit messages across the Ages. Consider the chasm between contemporary life managed by silicon chips and megalithic times when human intellect and spiritualism kept evolving, generationally, across Europe, Persia, India, China and elsewhere in Oceania as world history instructs. Tribes traded and wars happened, too. All knew of the stars' nightly and annual dance, impossible for a majority of today's planetary voyagers clustered under nocturnal, incandescent canopies blighting urban sprawl.
Trethevy Quoit, Cornwall, UK       VLA antenna, Socorro, New Mexico, USA,
courtesy of NRAO/AUI and David Andrew Gilder
VLA antenna

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